return to MC and teaching and editing is ahead



I have returned to campus with a big splash! My presentation on Their Voices Their stories, my sabbatical project, was very warmly received at the opening meeting of Montgomery College, Rockville campus. was pleased and proud to share my experiences with my colleagues.
The beautiful edition is available through the MC College bookstore at 240-567-5302 or you can contact me for a copy or you can order for your Kindle or Nook.

You can follow the news of the girls’ school by friending them on Facebook at Bethsaida Orphanage.
The fall poses some challenges. I must remember how to juggle teaching and editing the Potomac Review full time with my writing life. My latest project, a novella about a Ruaha Game Lodge, is nearly complete. My second novel about the thief, the housekeeper and the young diplomat wife languishes next to me here in my den. It helps that I don’t have the delightful distractions of National days, charity bazaars, so I’m determined to buckle down and keep up the writing flow over the fall.

More news about the intricacies of dealing with a British book distributor is coming up next. I have beautiful copies of my novel ,Chasing the Leopard, Finding the Lion, here in the US. Again contact me if you want one or it is also available on Kindle for a reasonable price.

I’ll be blogging here about fauna and the writing life in Maryland. But also follow along on the Potomac Review’s blog for the latest about acceptances, rejections, editing, submissions and the whole literary magazine show.

Chasing the Leopard now a kindle book!!


Chasing the Leopard Finding the Lion is available now!

You can get your copy any of four different ways.

1. Easiest and cheapest—Kindle on Amazon

2. Most beautiful and most expensive –Paperback via Amazon (my publisher’s British distribution company doesn’t get book pricing)

3. Equally beautiful but slower—contact me and I will send you a copy. Only $12 plus $2 for shipping. My copies should be here inMaryland by end of July. Let me know if you want a signed copy.

4. Most scenic—travel to Dar es Salaam and buy it at any local bookshop

Mkuki Na Nyota has been wonderful to work with on my novel and on the Bethsaida Orphan girls’ fund raiser anthology, Their Voices; Their Stories. To have an African publishing house with a Zimbabwean editor bring out my African novel feels just right.


sorry if you get this message through other channels. I’m just pretty thrilled by it…

How are you spending your time in the DC heat wave?


I and the ankle from Hell just refuse to go outside! On the sofa, under an ice pack, I say, “what heat wave?” Better yet, this crazy enforced quiet time has unleased a brand new story inside my head, so that’s what I’m really up to.
How about you? New lemonaide receipes? Short cut routes to the beach? I am fondly missing Dar–where this is the best season of the year, cool, breezy, low traffic!

Hippo foot and Gargoyle acceptance and Writer’s center workship gig


a busy two weeks for me. Here is “hippo” foot, my ankle in its huge splint. A wonderful acceptance by Gargoyle of my Gettysburg workshop story– which is fantastic news…. and then if things weren’t already interesting and grand. Nancy Naomi Carlson invites me to join her in leading a two day workshop, ” “Writing and Publishing Prose Poems and Flash Fiction.” or… ‘can poets and fiction writers really talk?” To register, go to and click on “summer workshops.” If they click on “Saturday” it will lead them here. sign up early as spaces are limited and I understand, going fast!!
sorry the blog has been so silent for so long but we, the Wakeman-Linns, are now getting our collective act together. Daughter is recovering so well from the hit and run accident, I can’t be kept down for long with a mere “severe” ankle sprain. John has mastered the dual care-giver routine and now he needs a break! More soon and if you are in the Bethesda area next weekend, come to the workshop and play with Nancy and I.

“Their Voices Their Stories” now an E-book

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Their Voices Their Stories  is now only $9.99 and my royalties still go to benefit the school for scholarships and for teacher salaries. Enjoy!


Chasing the Leopard is in my hands!!


It is a beautiful book. Holding in my hands is the most amazing feeling, somehow like the moment after childbirth, but not quite the same. I flip through the pages, remembering the writing friends and teachers who read it and encouraged me. Thanks to you all.
So if you are in Dar Es Salaam tomorrow, come celebrate with me. A Novel Idea, 4:30pm.
For my USA friends, I’ll be home soon. The Amazon link isn’t up yet but watch here and my website and Facebook for more information on readings, events, Parties. Thanks for following along.

Mission Accomplished–in so many wonderful ways


The best way is my daughter in the pool, floating and walking and bobbing and enjoying the Tanzanian sunshine. We finally made it here to Dar. (unfortunately I have a beautiful photo of her floating in the pool. She is in a lounge chair, the walker artistically poised behind her but the TZ internet can’t post the photo. So trust me … she’s doing great!)


Thanks to her very hard work and her excellent medicos— from our favorite nurse Sarah to Dr. Stapleton, the rehab doc with the incredible skills and to all the rest of the Boulder Community Hospital. We love you.

So April is quite a month for me. Not only do I get to return to “life almost normal” but two stories have been published this month. My first complete Tanzanian story, True to Tails Abandoned , is the lead story on Devilfish Review’s inaugural issue. Spoiler alert: it’s magic realism and it’s a little bit naughty. You’ll recognize the emerald green lizard as the gecko who has been my companion here in Dar for my year.  You’ve seen her picture here.

Second, JMWW has brought out “In Service”, another African story of outsiders and insiders and darkness and fear. The story is actually a chapter of my nearly complete second novel, 30 Mutende road.  And Jen Michaelski asked me to contribute to their blog, Origins, on the notion that gave rise to this particular story.

So it is a busy but excellent month so far and it is only April 10th. Chasing the Leopard is expected to be launched here in Dar the last week of the month. We are cooking up some fun parties and readings in the USA over the summer months.  Watch this space for a countdown as we plan the launch and for the Amazon link.


escape to Maryland’s spring…it’s great to be home….


we arrived just in time to see all the cherry blossoms and the daffodils and the tulips. My daughter is now walking on both legs… the walking cast is sooo last week. We are enjoying the beautiful spring but will spring off next week back to Tanzania for a lounge-by-the-pool holiday. I deserve it! And while we are there, Chasing the Leopard Finding the Lion will be launched. I will keep you updated on all the latest, African and also medical news, although her recovery continues, continues, continues. hurrah!!

ding, dong the cast is Off…


Purple cast with animal friends

Greetings from the Republic of Boulder. Mary has been freed from her purple cast. She has to wear a boot for 4 weeks and not put more ¾ of her weight on the right leg but hey, we can work with that. Our release from rehab was delayed by a week so they could get in more physical torture, oops, I mean physical therapy but it has done a world of good for her balance and strength. Tomorrow she wants me to drive her by the accident sight, even though she will have no memory of it (Thank God for traumatic brain amnesia).
Chasing the leopard cover
The Chasing the Leopard Finding the Lion is gorgeous. Well done –Mkuki Na Nyota and thanks for believing in my work. The book should be about in mid April and on amazon shortly after that.
We,she and I, will also be readily available via the internet, facebook, Gecko tails or email.

Sharing the good news— a new Huffington piece and a fresh fiction piece in a new lit-mag from my writer pals…

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Lisa, my best writing buddy/inspiration partner, has just landed her second Huffington piece in recent weeks. This is a bit of American philosophy, no, more like American psychology! Please read and enjoy. She and I roared about an earlier draft. I love this piece.

And in more good writer friend news, a great guy, wonderful fiction writer and former student, Mike Ryan, has landed a wonderful new story.  I saw earlier draft and it’s terrific. Slightly twisted and a very engaging read… Enjoy….

Next up… watch this space for the cover pdf of Chasing the Leopard later this week and photos of my daughter, cast–less and ready for the world…

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