The best way is my daughter in the pool, floating and walking and bobbing and enjoying the Tanzanian sunshine. We finally made it here to Dar. (unfortunately I have a beautiful photo of her floating in the pool. She is in a lounge chair, the walker artistically poised behind her but the TZ internet can’t post the photo. So trust me … she’s doing great!)


Thanks to her very hard work and her excellent medicos— from our favorite nurse Sarah to Dr. Stapleton, the rehab doc with the incredible skills and to all the rest of the Boulder Community Hospital. We love you.

So April is quite a month for me. Not only do I get to return to “life almost normal” but two stories have been published this month. My first complete Tanzanian story, True to Tails Abandoned , is the lead story on Devilfish Review’s inaugural issue. Spoiler alert: it’s magic realism and it’s a little bit naughty. You’ll recognize the emerald green lizard as the gecko who has been my companion here in Dar for my year.  You’ve seen her picture here.

Second, JMWW has brought out “In Service”, another African story of outsiders and insiders and darkness and fear. The story is actually a chapter of my nearly complete second novel, 30 Mutende road.  And Jen Michaelski asked me to contribute to their blog, Origins, on the notion that gave rise to this particular story.

So it is a busy but excellent month so far and it is only April 10th. Chasing the Leopard is expected to be launched here in Dar the last week of the month. We are cooking up some fun parties and readings in the USA over the summer months.  Watch this space for a countdown as we plan the launch and for the Amazon link.