a busy two weeks for me. Here is “hippo” foot, my ankle in its huge splint. A wonderful acceptance by Gargoyle of my Gettysburg workshop story– which is fantastic news…. and then if things weren’t already interesting and grand. Nancy Naomi Carlson invites me to join her in leading a two day workshop, ” “Writing and Publishing Prose Poems and Flash Fiction.” or… ‘can poets and fiction writers really talk?” To register, go to http://www.writer.org/ and click on “summer workshops.” If they click on “Saturday” it will lead them here. sign up early as spaces are limited and I understand, going fast!!
sorry the blog has been so silent for so long but we, the Wakeman-Linns, are now getting our collective act together. Daughter is recovering so well from the hit and run accident, I can’t be kept down for long with a mere “severe” ankle sprain. John has mastered the dual care-giver routine and now he needs a break! More soon and if you are in the Bethesda area next weekend, come to the workshop and play with Nancy and I.