Chasing the Leopard Finding the Lion is available now!

You can get your copy any of four different ways.

1. Easiest and cheapest—Kindle on Amazon

2. Most beautiful and most expensive –Paperback via Amazon (my publisher’s British distribution company doesn’t get book pricing)

3. Equally beautiful but slower—contact me and I will send you a copy. Only $12 plus $2 for shipping. My copies should be here inMaryland by end of July. Let me know if you want a signed copy.

4. Most scenic—travel to Dar es Salaam and buy it at any local bookshop

Mkuki Na Nyota has been wonderful to work with on my novel and on the Bethsaida Orphan girls’ fund raiser anthology, Their Voices; Their Stories. To have an African publishing house with a Zimbabwean editor bring out my African novel feels just right.


sorry if you get this message through other channels. I’m just pretty thrilled by it…