escape to Maryland’s spring…it’s great to be home….


we arrived just in time to see all the cherry blossoms and the daffodils and the tulips. My daughter is now walking on both legs… the walking cast is sooo last week. We are enjoying the beautiful spring but will spring off next week back to Tanzania for a lounge-by-the-pool holiday. I deserve it! And while we are there, Chasing the Leopard Finding the Lion will be launched. I will keep you updated on all the latest, African and also medical news, although her recovery continues, continues, continues. hurrah!!


ding, dong the cast is Off…


Purple cast with animal friends

Greetings from the Republic of Boulder. Mary has been freed from her purple cast. She has to wear a boot for 4 weeks and not put more ¾ of her weight on the right leg but hey, we can work with that. Our release from rehab was delayed by a week so they could get in more physical torture, oops, I mean physical therapy but it has done a world of good for her balance and strength. Tomorrow she wants me to drive her by the accident sight, even though she will have no memory of it (Thank God for traumatic brain amnesia).
Chasing the leopard cover
The Chasing the Leopard Finding the Lion is gorgeous. Well done –Mkuki Na Nyota and thanks for believing in my work. The book should be about in mid April and on amazon shortly after that.
We,she and I, will also be readily available via the internet, facebook, Gecko tails or email.

Sharing the good news— a new Huffington piece and a fresh fiction piece in a new lit-mag from my writer pals…

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Lisa, my best writing buddy/inspiration partner, has just landed her second Huffington piece in recent weeks. This is a bit of American philosophy, no, more like American psychology! Please read and enjoy. She and I roared about an earlier draft. I love this piece.

And in more good writer friend news, a great guy, wonderful fiction writer and former student, Mike Ryan, has landed a wonderful new story.  I saw earlier draft and it’s terrific. Slightly twisted and a very engaging read… Enjoy….

Next up… watch this space for the cover pdf of Chasing the Leopard later this week and photos of my daughter, cast–less and ready for the world…

February 26-29 milestones


February 26 Milestones this week. My novel’s cover design should appear in my inbox, my son and his beautiful wife are buying their first home, and … best of all, my daughter is about to be released from the hospital.

Mary is essentially recovered, except for that awkward broken leg, excess fatigue and a slight stutter sometimes, from that horrible hit and run on Jan 4th. She is cheerful and sweet and funny and appreciative and as always, very shy. So yes, in all ways social Mary is Mary again, even if she has no memories of anything from Jan 3rd to Feb. 7th.
As you can see in the photo, all your wonderful cards decorated her room and cheered us immensely. Even the doctor started reading the funny ones.
The next step for us is outpatient rehab and hopefully some fun traveling this spring. We are here in Boulder for at least another couple of weeks, then hopefully back to DC for Cherry blossoms and onto Dar es Salaam for a well deserved rest by the Indian Ocean.
Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and emails. Your outpouring of love and support kept me sane.

Two firsts: My first Tanzanian story and my daughter’s first OT cooking lesson.


On the writing front, my first Tanzanian story has landed. “True to tails abandoned,” the emerald green lizard story, will come out in Devilfish Review. This story was conceived in Dec. 2010, drafted and polished over the past 14 months. This time frame is a new record for my slow drafting, revising, “waiting in a drawer” process.

What a cool name—Devilfish!  I’m pleased that this is my fourth magic realism story and my 13th short story to be accepted. Did I mention that 13 is my new lucky number? There were 13 stories in Their Voices; Their Stories.

On the recovery front, my daughter’s first was not really the cooking lesson. She was an excellent cook before the accident. In OT she and her therapist made chocolate chip cookies for the nurses and the ward, but they used a mix.  I’m pretty sure she’s never made cookies from a mix because we are a family of bakers from scratch.  She was bemused at the lesson and everybody loves fresh hot chocolate chip cookies, even from a mix.  So her recovery continues to accelerate much to the delight of her nurses, therapists, doctors and of course her mother!


fantastic day…


Yes, it is the storm of at least two centuries but who cares?
The book contract on Chasing the Leopard is ready to sign, but more important, my daughter continues to make great progress on her recovery! (she was the victim of a rather nasty hit and run on Jan 4).
When the novel comes out this spring it will be dedicated to her. She has always been one of my trusted early and enthusiastic readers. The publisher is a well respected Tanzanian firm, Mkuki Na Nyota and the book will be marketed through Amazon and through African Book Collective. No huge advance but royalties for me. Yes, I’m thrilled. Hurrah for success on the book and health front.  Oh yes, Kudos to the Boulder Police department, the driver will face the justice system.

Never mind that I”m in Boulder, alone, wading through 1-2-3 feet of snow. At least it is not Maryland black ice.
Thanks for reading along and I hope to have more tropical photos for the blog soon as we can return to Dar. She and I both hope to lay by the pool and sign copies of the novel! USA launch parties will commence in May or June of this year.

greetings from USA or stateside


I know I’m supposed to be back in Dar after my Christmas trip but life can be complicated. Email me off-blog if you need more info but ahhh, breathing easier, everything is getting better slowly. No, it’s not me–I continue healthy as a horse. But.. while I am here, I got a splendid acceptance. “In Service,” a chapter of the second novel-in-progress, will appear in JMMW in the Spring issue. Here’s the link to the current issue 

Now my next task is to keep writing, while here and not overlooking the Indian Ocean. When in the middle of an evolving crisis, journaling comes naturally as does recording the minute to minute, hour to hour changes but I must not forget to write, which makes me stronger, happier and certainly more balanced. So I pulled out the “green lizard and the lady” draft and also a robbery story, both fine first drafts, full of potential and errors.

here is a lovely photo to end the blog… more soon…thanks for following along…

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