progress reports and challenges– were you writing this week?

This mode of transportation fascinates me; 3 wheels, no doors, a maniacal lust for speed; the driver will zip it in and out of traffic like he thinks it is a motor-scooter. The bajajs are usually green but often sport slogans like “Dark horse.” Once I saw one with 5 people in it! Rumor has it there are serious accidents involving one nearly every day.  So, I may be tempted but I’ll pass on hiring one. However, a bright blue one is the inspiration for a new story set here in Dar.

In other more significant news, I’ve been asked to tutor a young woman named Christine in English. She lives in House of Peace, a shelter for battered, abused women and their children. Christine, 18, has escaped a violent father. Everyone hopes she will be able to attend college in the U.S. That’s where I come in. I met her yesterday and her eagerness to learn is infectious. She is very interested in writing, even though her favorite subjects are geography and chemistry and math. Lord help me with that. I will include updates about Christine on this page.

In writing news, I am nearly finished with Pitwani Bwino and I dug out an old story from the early 00’s. It, a crazy magic realism bit, is a very good idea but cliché ridden, so I have work ahead of me on that. And I’m almost ready to the new novel started.

I miss my MD network, my connections but I’m forging new ones slowly. If any of you are at AWP this coming week, stop by the Potomac Review book fair table or come to our reading 9am Friday morning.


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  1. May
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 15:22:09

    Julie! I’ll be attending AWP, my first. Will come by the Potomac table and bother you.

    Love this photo and the idea of beefing-up the frame and then putting a chassis on a scooter. Vroom! Sounds like a fun story idea.

    Let me know if you need any books for Christine’s work.

    Because I was trained as a scientist before becoming a writer, I find graphic presentations of the stories that arise out of research fascinting. Do you and Christine have computer access? She might enjoy this graph. It tells a complete story, combining history, time, movement across space, and temperature data to deliver maximum emotional impact, all on a single page. The engineer makes art:

    The engineer/artist’s bio:
    Sources likely used:


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